Stupid Budget Video Experiences

by Matt on December 29, 2014

We have to get our game back together, it’s the main reason we’ve been given time to get used to the fact that every little thing is going to be alright. The sooner you start getting smart about your blogs, the less of a problem you’ll have in future of people combing my blogs for some kind of evidence of my shenanigans.

I was focused on my budgets a lot. I had a plan and the budgets helped me steer my plan. I just wanted to make videos and meet girls and do well in business and have parties and tours, I don’t think I was really up to any bad mischief, but nonetheless, a plan is a plan.

We design good vibes. Stripped back, unadulterated.

The mission was to give up work, hold it right down and back, so I could now next step it – focusing on staff, focusing on the people we can get on board, and how those people are taking me closer to these models where my life is just too easy and I never think about cd dvd duplication too much!

Video on the other hand, well video is something I have decided to stay with.

Video production is a challenge because it is an art form. There are technical challenges and creative challenges.

We don’t seem to want to make the connections.

In terms of making progress in regards to our set up, we need to make decisions about when we can afford $500 a week for an apartment. But then we kind of have to know what our whole housing equation could be anyway. I don’t know about the apartment because I don’t know about how Im putting together my final housing set up, but I’m working on it.

We lost a lot of writing but we were modelling staffs and looking at the prices of housing because we needed to model this stuff to understand how we could bring it together.

We ended up doing all the sums we needed for pricing the houses and we decided that going straight for the old house was too risky. I don’t want to take ridiculous risks to raise money right now, it’s not the way to go. The trading will be there forever. There’s no need to risk it all being greedy.

But we still want to keep that hope alive, that’s why we’re not making any fast moves and our full focus is still on trading and work and basically raising capital.

The main idea is still to keep up a robust and vigourous pace with trading, but not to be reckless and accepting that there may be setbacks which mean I have to save my most audacious plans for later, and at that point it may very well be too late.

We cannot abandon everything for a house. But in the figures is my will to keep that dream alive. Afterall even if I fail, I will become significantly wealthy in the process.

I am interested in where we plan to take it after this phase because it makes us more mindful of what needs to be achieved in the next 2-3 years in order to succeed.

How far will it all go? We know with a $100k account we can easily turn over $3k a week, maybe $4k, but how long until we’re cranking $5k consitently, week on week, without much effort?

We have to go 30 months into the future and it is 2017. Or even 2016, a similar scenario, in that my cash has been drained by property ownership, and I am forced to keep my trading reasonably active to make repayments and furnish a nice lifestyle.

Repayments and lifestyle suggest I would require at least $3k from trading each week, which means well, with $60k this could be done, but I would need access to another $50k if things got messy. But of course we may have an issue with actually extracting the cash from a $200k account when it’s $130k down.

What is possible is to extract the repayments when you’re making $8k a week at that point, and there may be confidence to say, yes, we want to go into 2016, riding $8k a week.

This is what I’m seeing. Call in the favours so I can buy this house without disrupting my trading and make the project a two year plan. So I’ve put down $350k for 2016. That allows us to cruise just under 8k while continuing to add padding to our account without stretching the risk. Then apparently I would have to raise $3k a week to meet the repayments. seems crazy.

Bringing the pot to $200k in 2015 I can manage. I would bring my margin from $1000 to $6000 or more as long as we maintained 50% equity. That gives me $200k but only $50k I can use if I need it.

But as long as I can find money elsewhere I need, I can roll on.

JAN01: 25k + (13 x 1) – margin 1200
APR01: 38k + (13 x 2) – margin 2000
JUL01: 64k + (13 x 2.8) – margin 3000
OCT01: 110 + (13 x 4) – margin 5000
JAN01: 160 + (13 x 5) – margin 6000
APR16: 225 + (13 x 6) – margin 7000
JUL01: 300 + (13 x 7) – margin 8000
OCT01: 395 + (13 x 8) – margin 9000
JAN17: 500

SO applying that to a long term measure

HOUSE 2015

cash: $680 (450+80+120+interest)
steve: $200
forex: $160 ($50k available)

extra:160 (trees, acc rec, risks, barter, business, assets)


HOUSE 2016

house1 850 (debt -100)
steve $200
forex $500

(debt: .1)

The problem I see here is a 500k forex account, with a $117k defficit, that wouldnt make $350k available, it would be likely more like $250. Not a problem. We have other strategies. Hold off on buying this place as long as possible. Then there’s the tax situation. It looks grim for the old house oh well, let’s come back in a few months.

So the plan is to move forward and try and keep the dream alive although it seems pretty hard. We simply can’t have both properties because no one would lend me $1m unless I could somehow prove I was earning $200k and even then wow what a nightmare.

The apartment.

in the first quarter of next year I committed to saving $1000+ a week, moving towards a $2000 margin which should generate I’d say $1600-$2800. It was looking expensive but I went to work cutting things right back.

$700: renfrew and bills
$300: staff
$400: fun time

$1400 – 300 = $1100

kurb/pirates: $700
forex: +$400

$700: renfrew and bills
$400: apt/girls/drugs
$300: staff+other spending ads
$100: +mastercardspending: car/toys/stuff/promo/warchest/gigs/tour


$1500 – 300 = $1200

kurb/pirates: $800
forex: +$400

It pays to think about the risks.

You can have a $10k loss running, but it would most likely still take another 10 weeks to drop fully to $20k running on the model of where we’re at now. It can drop $2k in a night, but it seems to take weeks for that level to hold before it drops again, and in the time it takes to drop $10k, you could make about that much, suggesting another buffer. It’s walking the line at an unacceptable level of risk, but the idea that we could be running a $100k deficit on a $150k, margin of $5k, I would risk having to find another $20-30k in a matter of days to stop things going belly up.

Sure I would be doing $7k, up around my top gear, But in analyzing the risks, how much cash can I raise quickly?

About $10k in a 12-24hour period but that stretches out to another $13k, but of course if I break my savings account I can access another $69k almost immediately I believe and i don’t think missing out on $400 interest would be too much of a worry if I was in a fix and $20k wasn’t enough.

We’ve built to $100k, our margin is $4k, we can make $4k p/week. But, if it drops below $40k equity we run the risk that another drop over a week could send us down $20k into a danger zone where we’d want to pump another $20k in, which could take a few days, and have another $20k on standby. Of course, if there was a major crash we would have to be ready to supply the account with $80k. over a couple of months. It is true that profits over that time would cushion the blow, but I believe we would need to have that available.

The good news is we’re talking about a $4k margin which should produce $4k a week which means any consolidation gives me the chance to make up some of the difference while it should be 6 months at least before I’m trading at that level.

But I certainly have to redesign my game.

There is still years of that journey ahead. It’s bizarre because I won’t be working when I’m 50, or I won’t need to what will I do? So many times we made such elaborate plans, and now all of that is gone.

Make music. Travel. Do pirates, make youtube, do politics. I’ll probably have young kids. What works is that once I get the houses I like and hand my business off properly, then I can just cruise around. like in 2 years, I’ll spend 2 years cruising around meeting girls and making music. It really is about whether any girl really appeals to me. That is the beauty, I am pretty jaded, and if I actually meet a girl I deeply feel for, then forget it. Meantime, have some fun.

To me we need to take the steps in order to finish this money business once and for all.


Cheap Video Production Jobs

by Matt on November 24, 2014

I need to get my blogs into shape like I need to get my life into shape, we don’t want to hear about videos, we want someone else to do it. Then what?

Well let’s revise.

Finish the work and jobs, get other people to do jobs and video, then look at pirates.

It seems like there’s this gap after video start rolling but before pirates, im out in my pirate costume looking for connections to fairies and assistants.

whats the end game? Well we want people to clean and do menial jobs like printing and packing, and slowly learn the editing and the forex, yet not knowing what they do. I really think we need young people to make them do all the things we want.

And once everything is in place we need ways to get those youth to appear, how is that? Mall missions, headhunting missions, trademe ads, star now ads, adwords, there are various other strategies that could be used including trawling.

Trade me is the last resort, the most expensive, and the most likely to create barrages of people coming to apply at once.

How many staff members did we say that we needed?

the main person, and the main video person. Basically you could say melissa, lydia, shane, hayley, and one more there and we’re ready to go. That’s our model working now, we just need to build it out.

Will $200 for promo management, $200 for video and 15 woofer hours be enough to get everything done? I’d say so, especially like I said, I’d still come down twice a week, and big jobs wouldn’t be nearly so crazy.

We’ve got these working mock ups of budgets here but none of them really matter because we’ve got massive surplus, limited cashflow, the budget is almost irrelevant. What we know is that we want to be earning closer to $2k each week in order to support our moves in staff.

So the first manager person manages all of the jobs?

shane will do the printing basically. some photoshop, some packing, and woofers and trader girls will come to help. the manager person makes sure that all the jobs coming in are printing right and that they get delivered. they are in charge of making sure people know the numbers.

I am also issuing the instructions for the videos, and the same goes. I only put through the instructions, the main person makes sure the others carry it out.

I say, where are the pirate jobs? DJ gigs? Parties? Sort it out.

Then I go look for more talent because my job is basically talent and forex. I just worry theyll all run around and no money will get made.

But the discs must get printed and packed and sent and having more than one person on that should get it done. Once the woofers and trader girls are there, then there will be plenty of people to do that work, and keep the forex ticking over, get video stuff done, promote and book pirate gigs, plan gigs and parties, do whatever it takes.

what cant the two girls do? They can shoot, the can edit, they can do all the effects, and titles, my concern is more over narrative direction.

I have decided If I don’t buy in meremere and I focus on my lawyer money, i wont really have a cash problem within a month, and I won’t need the deposit.

$700: renfrew and bills
$400: staff

gig/tour/warchest/ads/promo: $300
car:toys:stuff: $100
girls/drugs: $200

$1700 – 200 = $1500


manager: $200
video: $200
production assistant/intern: $100
traders+odesk: $200

So what is it in the end? $3k is all we need, kurb pays for itself, runs itself, I just do the pirate shows, dj gigs, turn up at the parties, do my forex, meet with the girls, the top tier, a team of beautiful women, who I probably have slept with at some point, but who now run the trading, run my businesses, do my bookings, plan my parties,

The girls are given $2k a week to make it all run. There is a house included, which gives them options – live in it, collect rent, or swap it with woofers for labour.

What we have here is a structure including a group of women who run my business, produce a youtube show and channel which i feature as well as supporting me, handle the total business and booking of me as a pirate and a DJ, run 2 households including all cleaning, maintenance etc.

Not to mention forex of course, each girl would have a target. If they meet their target

$25k, $15k, $10k, $5k, $5k and I would expect the girls to pay for themselves.

$25k: $1000
$15k: $500
$10k: $300

$700: renfrew and bills
$1000: staff

gig/tour/warchest/ads/promo: $400
car:toys:stuff: $300
girls/drugs: $800

- $400 Dj/pirate
- $800 kurb
- $300 returns on investment
- $1700 forex


Girl #1: $500 $800
Girl #2: $300 $600
Girl #3: $200 $200
Girl #4/costs: $200

Now is $200 to cover kurb jobs which is really only limited by our minimum numbers. $100 from videos comes from our video budget. It’s basically we have money to spend on the things we want, we have to wait to see if we can bring ourselves to spend it, which comes from this vibe that it’s not really there.

Until I move, I will manage space and labour but what that is right now is having melissa and shane and lydia around and trying to add the girls to the mix.

There are no girls

I am considering now future trading using paypal.

The problem with not using paypal is that the government can trace it. If you trade, pay to your paypal, you can then use your paypal to make significant deposits. If it gets to the point where I’m making $300k+ a year, then I cant just innocently shrug that off as not knowing I had to pay tax.

If I am going to buy these houses back in the next few years, then I need a way of landing that money safely in NZ.

It maybe I have to use paypal for the first $100k so that I can use that to get lawyers and accountants to set up a situation where contributions can be made from other parties to a trust controlled by myself, which can then purchase the properties. Where did the trust get its money? From contributors, not from me, i paid tax on the money I contributed, and the trust paid tax on the money it earned in investments.

If you want to chase the contributors, then thats nothing to do with me.

If I bought the houses myself and they said well where did the money come from, and I say my cousin gave me a million bucks, well that would look super dodgy. If my cousin put the money into a trust that I control that my cousin and brother are benefactors of on my death, then I dont see how that is dodgy.

How my cousin got a million dollars is another question, but it’s not my problem.

Now I discover you can put your trading money straight onto a debit card and spend it that way. Now you can’t buy a house that way, but you can buy any other large item. Including a jaguar.


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